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Video Editing and Production

Perhaps you already have great footage of a 24-inch brown trout taking an October Caddis dry fly on the McCloud River, and you don’t know how to edit it together with other clips and stills to make a captivating YouTube video. We can help you with that.

Short, two- or three-minute videos are not hard to do well, especially if you have collected enough wide, "establishing" shots and have other shots from interesting angles that can be added to make a well-paced final product. Some high-resolution still photos would also come in handy. If you’re in a hurry and not overly concerned with polishing the project, a video containing carefully trimmed and cropped clips with zooms, cutaways, slow-motion, dissolve transitions, titling, and royalty-free music in the background can be done fairly quickly and economically. Perhaps you’ve started to edit your video in iMovie11 and are now frustrated with the process. We can help you finish and post your project.

If your project is larger, and you want to add voiceover narration, audio and color correction, synching of B-roll camera clips, chapter markers, and then duplicate to flash drives or DVDs with printed packaging, the timeframe is significantly longer. Here, Final Cut Pro X editing software is generally used.