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Custom Documentaries

Do you have a fishing adventure, interview, or environmental project that you would like documented in a well-edited video?  We are experienced in doing field shoots with multiple, simultaneously operating cameras, on and off the water, while capturing high-quality audio. We also do more conventional, studio-like video shoots and interviews with controlled lighting. The finished project can be as simple as a short YouTube posting or as complex as a professionally produced and packaged DVD or flash drive.

Past projects have included documenting four years of stream restoration work performed by teen groups under the coordination of the local creek group, SPAWNERS. Ongoing documentaries are exemplified by our "character study" of a fascinating man who hikes the high Sierras with his dog to catch small fish in alpine streams and then drops down to lower elevations to catch big trout in his "home waters" on the Lower Yuba. An artist and furniture-maker by trade, he also builds gorgeous nets and bamboo rods, and of course he ties his own self-designed flies.

Video is the communication medium of the future. We will work closely with you to make your project vision a reality.  After hearing what you want and who/where your audience is, we will collaborate on a simple storyboard and a shot list. You help plan not only the content, but also the look you want — from close-up macro shots, to telephoto views, to wide-angle point-of-view shots done with action cams.

Then we’re on our way– coordinating the shoots, getting shots with high production value using B-roll, sliders, and jibs. Scenes requiring specialty lighting, including underwater or infrared nighttime shots, are also possible. Then we’re on to editing: paying special attention to the feeling you are after, possibly using slow-motion and time-lapse, selecting royalty-free music, designing effective titling, audio-correction, color-grading, and doing voiceovers, if needed. This generates a rough edit for final polishing, which is done with important input from the client.