Bob Marshak and Kirston Koths are the founders of Shooting Line Productions, a company dedicated to capturing the essence of fly fishing, worldwide. They are experienced in both professional-quality still photography and videography and are as enthusiastic about documenting the catch and release of a small Golden Trout in the Sierras as they are about photographing a big bull dorado in Mexico.

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Bob and Kirston both live in the San Francisco area and are frequent contributors to California Fly Fisher, where their article, “Baja from Beach and Boat” recently appeared. Shooting Line Productions specializes in creating short fly-fishing films, full-length DVDs, and multimedia presentations, in addition to articles and photos for on-line and print journals. For more information, contact them via email.



These photos illustrate how Shooting Line Productions often “does business” – with fly rod in one hand and cameras, sound equipment, and other photo gear in the other, or ready to go. When shooting documentaries, we may operate as a traditional run-and-gun film crew or in a carefully lit studio setting.

All of our shoots are carefully planned and executed, from making a shot list for the field, to post-production editing and distribution of the content. This meticulous approach is complemented by our high-quality gear, which includes eight cameras and camcorders, over a dozen lenses, shotgun and wireless microphones, jibs, sliders, and tripods, as well as state-of-the-art software. The result? Exciting images built around interesting angles, great light, entertaining and informative content, and high-quality audio output.